Tight grip and flexibility

Nice to meet you. We’re IFS Probity, and we’re in our element where IT and business intersect; specialising in complex billing and invoicing processes. We help you get to a grip on fast-growing data and information flows, achieve greater flexibility and swifter new-product time-to-market.

Not your typical consultants

If you need a consultant in a crucial position on your project, you’ll of course want the hard skills perfected. However, our people bring more than know-how to the table. They’re team players: sociable, dedicated, sensitive to their environment; just like good-natured colleagues, in fact. So, just for the record: when your project is done, we’d like them back.

Ons verhaal

One foot in the future

The world is changing rapidly. Consumption is the new ownership, and data the new gold. Then there’s energy transition, smart grids and e-mobility. Sooner or later, these will force change on your revenue models, product propositions and service habits. IFS Probity is right by your side, and with one foot in the future. Are you the same?

Looking ahead

What impact do you want to have?

Operate where IT and business intersect. At energy and water companies, major transport operators and travel organisations. Where your work impacts on the experiences of thousands of commercial and consumer customers. That’s why you want to take the next step in your career at IFS Probity.


You’re not a number, you’re a person. It’s not just your performance that counts: we want you to be happy.


You work on challenging projects at large companies and organisations.


Rules and regulations aren’t really our thing. We trust in staff being capable of making their own, considered decisions.

Work-life balance

Life is about so much more than work. If ever you’re needed more at home, that’s totally understandable.

Development opportunities

We will invest in your personal and professional development. And there’s plenty of opportunity for promotion within IFS Probity, too.


Jan van der Veen - Partner

“We need people who think for themselves, have an opinion and stand behind it.”

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Jan van der Veen


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