Our background

Some organisations prosper in the status quo. We prefer change, continual motion and improvement, innovation and transition.

This has been the driving force behind IFS Probity since the very outset in 2001. As a team of software consultants, we were in the thick of it when utilities were deregulated. We were there during the divisions and mergers and saw the birth of grid operators and energy suppliers.

Although we’re involved in a whole host of sectors today, that’s the dynamic we’ve always pursued. Just like complexity. When the interests are major and stakes high, we’re in our element. We thrive on the opportunity to assume crucial positions in essential processes.

IFS Probity started small, as part of a large company, and now we’re exactly where we want to be: on our own two feet. Independent and free to contribute in our own, unique way to our clients’ business and IT projects.

The IFS way? Pleasantly personable, down to earth and hands-on. Typical consultancy hoo-ha just isn’t our thing. Instead, we think of ourselves as colleagues who are committed, reliable and responsible. We get on with people, always putting your organisation’s interests first; even if that’s not to our own advantage.

We combine this with a healthy dose of wilfulness: our consultants have an opinion, and will stand behind it. They’re critical when they need to be and don’t shirk decisions. Even when the going gets tough. That, we believe, is what you should expect from partners in improvement.

Rick Suurmond - Partner

"At IFS Probity, the organisation is there for you and not the other way around.”

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