De utilities sector is in transition. The challenge for energy suppliers, grid operators and water companies is to stay in step. This might involve offering new products, such as propositions that can be marketed quickly. Or by adopting smarter processes and flexible billing and invoicing procedures. IFS Probity utilities specialists, at home where IT and business intersect, help you take the next step.

Strong references

We’ve been active in utilities since 1996.

Getting things done

Broad range of IT and business consultants.

Personal approach

We think like colleagues and believe in ‘togetherness’.

Solutions for the utilities sector

We help energy and water companies:

  • Analyse and improve business processes
  • Implement new systems and releases
  • Perform process, project and interim management
  • Device and enhance meter-to-bill processes
  • Analyse and improve data and information flows
  • Implement new legislation and regulations
  • Perform data migration, management and governance

Why choose IFS Probity?

IFS Probity has been in the energy and water market since 1996. Our business and application consultants, project and programme managers, team leaders and architects know the lay of the land and speak your language. They set to work in no time and are more than happy to work on crucial processes with diverse stakeholders. They have what it takes to get  wandering projects back on track. They contribute their knowledge, solutions and resolve, and the soft skills you need to get everybody reading from the same page. Let’s get acquainted.