Where can we help?

The roots of IFS Probity can be found in utilities. We know the sector inside out, meaning we can help energy suppliers, grid operators and water companies better than anyone when it comes to complex business and IT issues. We’ve broadened our scope over the years, incorporating in-depth expertise in high-volume, order-to-cash processes. We now leverage that knowledge for clients across a range of sectors.



We support utility companies in the energy transition and help them respond to changing customer demands swiftly, flexibly and efficiently.


Order to Cash

We help you serve customers individually and on demand while keeping billing processes and invoicing under control.

Order to Cash

Application consultancy

Technical specialists with specific (SAP) know-how accustomed to working in multi-disciplinary teams.

Business consultancy

Business consultants who know about markets, processes and human nature, who help you identify and exploit all the points your organisation can improve on.

Project management

Hands-on project and process managers who turn ideas and objectives into specific projects and practical processes.