Application Consultancy

An optimal offline and online customer experience. The flexibility to respond swiftly to new business demands. This requires digital excellence, both visibly and behind the scenes. And this is what our experienced application consultants have.


SAP specialists

Extensive experience of SAP IS-U, HANA, BRIM, ECC, CRM and more.


Our consultants bridge the gap between IT and Business.


We’ve taken to on-premises and cloud solutions like ducks to water.

What we do

  • Gather business needs and design process flows.
  • Digitise and automate offline processes.
  • Develop, test and implement applications and systems.
  • Perform system integrations and optimisations.
  • Convert and migrate data.
  • Application and systems management (interim or otherwise)
  • Supervising and performing audits.
  • Drawing up and optimising drafts and security controls.

Why choose IFS Probity?

We can supply the tailored know-how and capacity your project requires, and our application consultants offer more than technical know-how. They’re not digital nomads, they’re harmonisers: at home in multi-disciplinary teams. Easy to talk to, strong communicators aware of the interests of all the stakeholders involved. That’s how we make a difference to projects where IT and business intersect.