Business consultancy

A tight grip on data flows, resolving internal and external customer queries more swiftly. Streamlining processes to promote efficiency. There’s always room for improvement in all organisations, and IFS Probity business consultants help you identify and exploit opportunities.


Proven track record in utilities, travel and transport.

Advice and implementation

No reports for the filing cabinet, but decisive action for tangible improvement.

People skills

Aiming at synergy in the interests of all stakeholders.

What we do

  • Analyse, design and optimise processes.
  • Establish business requirements and set priorities.
  • Analyse and enrich data and design reporting structures.
  • Select and implement new systems and technology.
  • Set up and supervise change initiatives, including project-team formation and management.
  • Enhance synergy between your business and IT departments.

Why choose IFS Probity?

IFS Probity’s inhouse business consultants relish complex challenges. High-impact projects in operational processes, for instance, or change not always welcome in all parts of an organisation. Market and process know-how combined with people skills enable our consultants to make rapid progress under any circumstances. We do so at all times focused on your company’s long-term objectives, culture and values.