Project and process management

You know where you want to go. However, the challenge is getting there while it’s business as usual in all other respects. Right? IFS Probity project and process managers help you turn ideas and objectives into specific projects and practical processes. So that you can enhance your organisation swiftly, smoothly and efficiently.

Proven track record

Experience with major companies and complex processes.

Getting things done

We provide the energy and drive to get the job done, and on time.

People skills

We are aiming at and deliver synergy in the interests of all stakeholders

What we do

  • Establish business cases and project objectives.
  • Systems and new-release implementation.
  • New legislation and regulations implementation.
  • Data-migration preparation and supervision.
  • Establish data-management and data-governance structures.
  • Streamline processes and procedures.

Why choose IFS Probity?

Our project and process managers are all IPMA or PRINCE 2 certified and quick to adapt. Scrum, Agile, DevOps…bring it on! Nevertheless, the true secret to process and project management success is people skills and organisational sensitivity. Our consultants’ charismatic, personal approach is their greatest asset; enabling them to get more done in less time.