One foot in the future

The world around us is constantly changing. Sometimes gradually, sometimes abruptly and drastically. It’s up to you to respond with your revenue models, product propositions and new ways to serve customers. IFS Probity will be at your side all the way. These are topics we like to think about and work out with customers.

On demand

Ownership is losing significance. Instead, we’re collectively choosing the services we need right this instance. Speed, flexibility and an excellent, personalised customer experience are crucial. Companies like Netflix and Spotify set the example and raise the bar by the day. That customer experience always starts behind the scenes, with state-of-the-art processes. And that’s where we come in.

Smart data

Data is the new gold. The world is increasingly connected, with systems, machines and equipment communicating independently. Nevertheless, data has value only if used in a smart way. That means you have to validate, analyse, enrich and aggregate. In short, raw data needs to be refined into valuable information. Would you like us to lend a hand?

Energy transition

The utilities sector is on the cusp of profound change. Natural gas is on the way out, and consumer-producers on their way in. Not that’s not to mention things like increasing e-mobility and smart grids. Such far-reaching change is creating new tensions and affecting utility company processes. As a utility specialist, IFS Probity is involved in several nationwide and international projects with a direct bearing on energy transition. That means knowledge you can benefit from.


Intense digitisation of society entails opportunities, but also risks. Customer data and privacy protection have become the focus of considerable attention. Customers are also accustomed to no less than 100% availability and flawless fulfilment. This means the trick is arranging your processes in such a way that risks are minimised while maintaining flexibility. And of course, we have plenty of ideas.